Twin Springs Falls, Idaho

Discovered in 1890 by two European immigrants surveyors.,
They  were separated and lost from the “Lois and Clark” expedition.
(Not to be confused with the more famous expedition of “Lewis and Clark.)
Otto Von Karell, a German immigrant and Shamus Guthrie, a Scottish immigrant, were separated from the expedition while looking for a way west.
They stumbled upon this pristine valley, full of game, forests, beauty, and cool springs located near the top of the falls.
After spending the winter in the valley, they made their way back to St. Joseph, Missouri.
This was where they had started from, and as they described the wonderful beauty of the Twin Springs Valley and the falls, they decided a rail line through the base of the valley was needed.
After several years of mapping and surveying a plan was in place to develop a rail line at the base of the falls.
Keep in mind that their surveying skills left something to be desired, as they did find the falls while lost.
But with determination a line was built. Numerous workers were hurt or killed while working in this particular area of the northwest, but this did not deter the two.
Otto and Shamus did not live long enough to fulfill their dreams, but the rail line was finished some years later by Wally Karell.
Today the line services the west and northern part of the country with three mains and a mountain route across the top of the falls.
There is a park service headquarters located near the springs at the top of the falls where tourists can have a spectacular view of the valley and falls.

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