at the Tennessee Central Museum

Diane Beckett donated Barry's layout to Nashville NTRAK.
It was decided that the layout would be rebuilt at the Tennessee Central Museum

The following is the progress of that rebuild.

      November 10,2009                                                                                                   A clean slate in which to build the new permanent layout


November 17, 2009                                                                  Layout legged and set up. 



                   A short video walk around of the layout on November 17th 2009

November 24, 2009 

Work done:
Spackled the cracks in the layout, painted all spots that needed painting.   
Screwed and glued the foam that came apart during the move and reassembly.
Cut the tracks needed to connect the three mains and reinstalled the 6 bridges and soldered all joints.
Put in the panels and ran the Loconet and all wires through the holes
that were drilled in frame.
Set up the DCC command station and ran test engines on all the mains.
Hung the curtains.
Set up the stantions and ropes.
Cleaned up the layout and area so that we are ready to run trains for this weekend's Excursion Train.


A short video of the layout on November 24th 2009 

December 1, 2009

Work done:
Branch line track issues corrected
Ties are being added at the joints so the ties are continuous.
Extensions were added on three sides so the tracks are not close to the edge.
Fascia boards were added around the whole layout to give a uniform look and to have a little higher lip so no trains would fall off the layout.
All DCC panels were moved out to the fascia boards.


The following pictures show the extensions on all three sides.  Check out the Slots that were installed to hold the Plexiglas barriers.

                                                                                      Fascia boards were added to the whole layout to keep errant trains from leaving the layout

A walk around to show the things that were done this week.

December 5, 2009

Trains running on our new layout before the First Christmas Excursion train.

All fascia boards were painted black between the running of the layout for the two Christmas Excursion Trains.

December 8, 2009

Work done:

Ties are being added at the joints so the ties are continuous. About 1/3 done.
Foam was cut and glued into the extension areas that were added last week.


                                                            Here is a walk around video to show what was done on December 8, 2009

February 6, 2010       Video of Progress

March 30, 2010          Video of Progress

April 27, 2010             Video of Progress

May 11, 2010              Video and Pictures of Progress

The tipple and city corners on May 11, 2010  

Concrete Corner May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010   Video of the progress

On June the 1st we built another mountain by the head of the River, Layed track for the trolly through the town out to the suburbs, decided how big the turntable and locomotive maintenace yard was going to be which gave us room for another small industry site on a spur.  Two of our individuals are building the needed building kits.

June 1, 2010  Video and pictures of the progress

More ground covering  was put on the layout.  The trolley line has been sunk in the concrete.  "Butler Station and the town of Butler" was ruffed in. Parking lots are now in at the tipple and the grain elevators along with more buildings around the layout.   The position and the buildings of Kloke's Bridgeworks and foundry was decided upon. The river has had it's banks shaped and rocks are being placed individually in the rapids area. The dams have been placed.  Only a couple of more weeks before the DOT hiatus

July 14, 2010  Video and pictures of the progress

July 27, 2010  Video and pictures of the progress

Again more ground covering, houses in the suburb, and a few trees.   Just after these pictures were taken  the streets of East Side were laid. An auto and passenger bridge was put across the river. The dirt road from Butler station was laid up to Butler town.  Built Rock bluff behind Butler that is going to look down on the beach.

Thanks go to Lee Ware for the pictures and videos that are posted above.

August 13, 2010

 Installed the Plexiglas around the layout and did away with the rope and stanchions.

August 17, 2010

Again more ground covering.  Painted the parking lot at Central Station and the Ice Plant.
Planted a few trees in Eastside.
Cleaned up around the layout getting ready for "Day Out With Thomas". 
Hopefully the public can walk around the layout on 3 sides.


New Beach with Biff's Beach Shop.                                                       Trolly through town.


                                                                                                                                                        Suburb... cars and trucks make a difference

                                    Butler                                                                                           For a Long Time!                            

Click this link to see the previous layout we had at the TCRy
at the Tennessee Central Museum
January 2007- November 2009

Last update August 18, 2010