Member... Tom Staggs

Name of Modules:    Beech Creek Coal Company.  "BCC Co."
                                    "BEECH CREEK COAL & RR"  A division of

Occupation:      Supervises a large group of small toy makers with a yearly deadline. 
                            Travels extensively near year's end.

Club Title:           Train - Internet Interface Engineer /  Santa Tom   

Module layout  - Beech Creek Coal Company.

                                                         OLD GLORY

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For a pictorial history of BCC click this line.
Module layout  - "BEECH CREEK COAL & RR"

For a pictorial history of BCC&RR click here

Favorite Railroads:        

                                    Freelance Layout: Beech Creek Coal & RR

Interested in Narrow Guage as depicted in Nn3

                                  Freelance Layout:    James River Railway... " The Royal Route"

Era Modeled:         N scale  1930 -1970's

                                 Nn3        1875 - 1925 

A diorama built for my wife   

                                                                                                    A Boxcar for Brenda

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