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Beginning your Module:

                  Parts List

                               The Basic NTRAK Module
    Ntrak Manual pages 1 and 2 giving explanations the uses of the
    parts listed above and the required measurements needed to
    build a module          Adobe PDF file.

Adobe Acrobat in needed to view PDF documents.  It is available free at
                              Measurements needed for the module
                                                                      Adobe PDF file
                              Ntrak Standards

General Information:

Converting your Locomotives and Rolling Stock to  Micro-Train couplers
                                                                                    You have an option of Excel or Adobe PDF

How fast is that train going?  Nscale time to speed conversion chart

Nashville Train Frequencies for your scanner.

How many wheels does that Steam Locomotive have? Steam Locomotive Wheel Arrangements

Weathering your Steam Locomotives   A clinic presented by Paul Downs

Terry Pitts' N Scale page  A page with many links to N Scale, Manufactures, and Historical Societies 

 Module Ideas:
 Four Foot Bridge 
This bridge allows access to the inside space of a modular layout. This module has been retired.

The Geezer Gate       This is a pnumatic lift bridge that lifts to allow entrance/exit to the inside of the layout.

Diorama Ideas:

A Box Car For Brenda    A diorama I made for my wife's desk at work.     

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