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Grand Cache Rail

  The Layout at a glance:

Scale:  N (1:160)

Size:  17 x 9 feet

Locale:  Northern Montana and Southern Alberta, Canada

Period:  Present day

Layout style:  L shaped along the wall

Length of Mainline:  Approximately 53 feet

Layout height:  48 inches

Benchwork:  modular style fastened to the wall

Roadbed:  cork on 3/8 inch plywood

Track:  Atlas code 80

Turnouts:  Number six with manual controls

Minimum Radii:  11”

Maximum Grade:  approximately 1 per cent

Scenery Construction:  Primary foam with some plaster

Backdrop Construction:  European background posters cut to size, mounted on plywood and masonite board.

Control:  Walk around with block controls

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