NTRAK Etiquette
Since Nashville Ntrak does not have a trainmaster at its layouts on meeting nights or most shows, the following guidelines should be followed so that all who are participating will have fun. When members were added one or two a year these unwritten guidelines were passed from person to person either by example or by just talking to one another. With a larger influx of new members we felt it is important to point these guidelines out to everyone.

    The first to come has the first pick of lines.

   If you should come later a certain line is not yours just because you have equipment pre-set on that line.

   If you have been running a while and others are waiting to run please offer to pull off a line so they might get to run.

    Please ask permission to share the same line when another is already running on that line (DCC)

    If running on the same line as another please watch your train at all times so there will be no accident
     Make sure the line you are going to run is configured for the type of locomotives you are running. 
(Analog or DCC)
    When you are running a train. Make sure it is reliable:
     Watch your trains while running. Have someone else watch your trains when you have to take a short break from the layout.

     Keep your throttle with you, so when the call goes out to stop your train(s) you can. 
When a derailment occurs, offer to help the engineer(s) of the affected train(s) rerail or move equipment so that mainline traffic can resume as soon as possible.                 
     Inform others when there is a break in their train.

     When you leave, do not leave equipment that blocks all the set up tracks of a line.

     Some common sense rules for all of us to follow:

        Remember there are different types of modelers. Some are roundyrounders, some are operators, some are rivet counters and some are not, some like extensive detail on their models and in their scenery and some do not.  You might make suggestions on how things can be done.  But, things can be done differently by each individual.  After suggestions are made, then it is up to the individual modeler to make the final decison that will make him or her happy.

Speak kindly of others.

We have only one rule:
"Have FUN”