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For a pictorial history of BCC&RR click here which is the left module alone

    This Module is 6'X 3' and meets NTRAK Standards on all four lines.
But it is also used as my home layout and when it is combined with my 4' Beech Creek Coal module,
as pictured above, it is a display that can be set up at shows, nursing homes and schools.

    Beech Creek Coal & RR is contolled by a  system that is built into a suitcase
along with the power supply,
surge protection, power cord and a ten pin cinch connector. 
The loconet is connected to the module
by two UP3 Universal Panels and controlled by a
 DT400R Throttle.  A  R91 Radio/IR Receiver
is included so that  the whole layout can be
run by Radio throttle.

    All  that is needed to run the layout is to bring  the modules in, stick the metal legs in the corners,
clamp the modules together,
install  5 connecting tracks, level, open the suitcase connect the
ten pin cinch connector and
loconet, connect the cinch connectors between the modules,
turn on the power and you
are ready to run trains on the  Beech Creek Coal & RR.


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