Nashville NTRAK needs a Volunteer
for this assignment
at all upcoming layouts!

I know we have responsible members that will volunteer!
So don't delay, step up and volunteer.
Just click this link, Volunteer and I will put you down for any of the upcoming layouts.

BTW this is not just for the members; any visiting family member or friends can volunteer too.

Now, those of you that volunteered at past layouts do not have to volunteer again this year.

But if you feel an obligation to do so, you may.
Tom Staggs

Below are examples of what needs to be done. We have been documenting these Volunteers since 2005.

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Viola volunteer 2005
CSX family days volunteer
CSX family days "Mystery" volunteer (can you ID him)

Viola volunteer 2007
Viola 2008.  Multiple Volunteers

  Family Days 2008

Day Out With Thomas  2008  A four day event

Smyrna Library 2010

National Train Show -  Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 2010

  Family Days 2010 volunteers


------------------------------------- Last update: October 12, 2010
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